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Tor reviews anthology of lesbian speculative fiction Heiresses of Russ

Reviewer Brit Mandelo says:

The inaugural installment of a series of books that will be collecting the best lesbian speculative fiction of the previous year, Heiresses of Russ 2011 is Lethe Press’s newest offering, a sister to the much-loved (at least around these parts) Wilde Stories collections. Heiresses of Russ 2011 collects the finest lesbian SF that was published in 2010 and includes such authors as N. K. Jemisin, Rachel Swirsky, Ellen Kushner, and Catherine Lundoff, among others. I was highly pleased by the table of contents and looked forward to being able to dive into the text. Plus, having a yearly anthology of queer women’s spec-fic in honor of the late, great Joanna Russ is pretty appropriate, and fills out the available spectrum of best-of books.

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  • 30 December 2011
  • 14